giocareI do not know if I can play …
No problem! Nobody is forced to play! You can just look around. In the highest mutual respect: don’t disturb guest involved in session (except invitations) and accepting any requests to move away from someone who is playing.

How to approach and get to know people?
Like at any other context: being polite. By convention, when you introduce yourself to a couple, address the dominant person. You can certainly ask someone for playing but you cannot be  pushy in case of rejection: no one is obbliged to accept proposals that he / she does like.

How should I dress? Why does a dress code exist?
Dress code is strictly enforced. Visit our page for details.

Are there any age limits? I’m a transvestite, trans, gay, lesbian, bisexual: can I participate?
KinkyKingdom does not make any selection based on gender or sexual preference.  The party is +18aged reserved.

I’m a single woman, it’s a problem?
In the dungeon there are many people reliable and attentive, they’ll make sure that no one become pushy. Anyone can be forced to do anything.

Can I take pictures?
Absolutely not! Private picture are not allowed, if you want to be filmed or photographed call the Staff. The Staff will send your photos in a few days. Faces and distinguishing marks of people not directly involved in the shooting activity will be made unrecognizable.

Sex yes? Sex no?
Consensual sex linked to BDSM sessions is allowed, but please notice that sex is not the main purpose at a play party as the KinkyKingdom is.

But how much does it cost? 
For info visit our page on Facebook or our site

If someone is offensive or insistent, what do I do?
Just call the Staff and they will provide to take measures.

I’m a Prodomme. Am I welcome?
All polite and respectful BDSM lovers are welcome, but please notice that no charged services are allowed at the party, self promotion is forbidden too.